That Clear Dark Night...


Do you ever think about that night, that clear dark night when Jesus was born? I do, I try to put myself there, maybe as a Shepard, one of the wise men or just an animal...seeing through their eyes, hearing the sounds n' smelling the stable odors and waiting... waiting with expectation for the birth of a child... As a mother myself, I try to imagine Mary going through her labor and then the delivery of her Son, how she must have felt when she first held Him, how memory of the pain was fading away and replaced with such great love...

Thank you a video presentation by Libera USA

Father Cantalamessa’s Christmas reflection: "This emptying of one's hands and pockets of every pretension, in a spirit of poverty and humility, is the best way to prepare for Christmas.

"We are reminded of it by a delightful Christmas legend that I would like to mention again. It narrates that among the shepherds who ran on Christmas night to adore the Child, there was one who was so poor that he had nothing to offer and was very ashamed. Reaching the grotto all competed to offer their gifts. Mary did not know what to do to receive them all, having to hold the Child in her arms.

"Then, seeing the shepherd with his hands free, she entrusted Jesus to him. To have empty hands was his fortune and, on another plane, will also be ours."

Have a Blessed Christmas... May Love n' Peace be in your heart,