O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

We've just had a fresh snow fall in northern Minnesota and this morning as I looked out at the pine trees, with their newly decorated boughs ... I thought even they are ready for Christmas.

"With its loftiness, its green color and the lights in its branches, the Christmas tree is a symbol of life that points to the mystery of Christmas Eve," says Pope Benedict XVI.

Probably one of my favorite memories as a child was the Maytag Christmas Party in Newton Iowa. I remember the great hall all decorated with the lights and jewels of Christmas. On the inside wall stretched a long table decorated with candles n' baubles placed among the many side dishes that accompanied a huge turkey n' ham... enough to feed all who gathered for the evening. The hall was full of families n' friends and so much excitement; I still remember the feelings of expectation I felt as I looked at the big Christmas tree down at the end of the hall... glittering in all it's glory... waiting, just waiting for Santa Clause to appear...

Just 3 more days until Christmas n' now I wait with great expectation ... for the Christ Child to appear...

Thank you georgegrama2007 n' YouTube

Christmas Blessings,