A Story of Life

I wrote this as one of my first blogs on my prayer candle blog an want to share it here...
Many years ago, I read a midrash story by Elie Wiesel. It was a story of an angel delivering a new soul at the moment of conception. I do not remember it word for word, but I do remember this hauntingly beautiful story of God’s love for us and of life, as we know it...begins at conception.

This is a paraphrase of that story... Try to see in your minds eye, to image a place of such beauty where you knew you were in the very Presence of God. There is His throne in all its glory of light vector, such a splendor as never before told. Behind the throne of God, on drapes of spun gold, hang all souls that God created when He formed the world. Each soul, shining in its own brilliance, each a precious, gentle, flickering gem waits to be clothed in the dust of Adams and Eves.
And as angels, heavenly messengers of God, see that it is time for these little souls to be born... they delight in this promise of life with song and dance before the throne of God. Then an angel tenderly removes a flickering, luminous soul from the gold hangings and begins its journey through the heavens to the womb of the mother. And on the journey, the angel tells the little soul all the secrets of the universe. That at the moment of birth all this knowledge is within the soul…

In time passing, I shared this story with a priest friend, who told me an extraordinary story of a young couple in his church. They had a new baby and when they brought him home and settled him in his crib, their little four year old asked if he could go in alone to see his new brother. The new parents agreed but were curious to this request, so they stood at the door and overheard their son as he approached the crib…”Quick, tell me all about God, I’m beginning to forget.”
How can we justify the murdering of little souls through abortion...souls waiting to be born into a life full of the knowledge of God.

Peace and Love,