Create A Fall Memory...

Apples... Pumpkins... Spices... All good ingredients for rich fall memories. I just love the smells that waif through my home on a crisp day when I'm baking pumpkin bread, apple pies or a pumpkin - applesauce cake. It's like all is well with the world!

You're really lucky if you have your Grandmother's cookbook; especially if you're my age. I do remember the earthy fragrances that came from her kitchen and, as much as I can, I try to reproduce them... from her cookbook.

Getting back to the basic, natural whole food is my goal. No Preservatives! And I believe in shopping locally when at all possible. It's my way of supporting my community... We have to help one another!

Now here's a good video for making buttercream frosting for your applesauce cake! Of course this frosting could be used as a perfect foil for other goodies...

Have a blessed day in the kitchen,