A New Line...

Goodness, have I been busy... I've started developing new designs for products that you'll see here on my blog. I feel like the little red engine, that as it chugged up the hill kept repeating... "I think I can... I think I can..." As I start a new line my mind jumps ahead of me... a new idea is born. This is fun!!!

This is a colored pencil drawing of memories of life at my grandparent's resort... many years ago. I have several of them that I'm going to reproduce on different products. Stop by and visit my gallery at:*

You can view other designed products in my gallery by clicking on one of the product images on the side column.

I have just started another line for fall...none other then " A Touch of Fall" . 'Fallen Leaves' is a unique design of leaves with a wired mesh pattern to compliment the leaves.