Candles, Tea & Friendship...

There is an art in making tea... always use fresh water in the tea kettle. I use filtered tap water and am pleased with the results. Place the kettle on the stove burner and bring the water to a boil. Loose tea has a finer quality in flavor and I usually use tea bags that I can fill myself. Be sure and add one heaping teaspoon of leaves for each cup of tea, maybe even a little bit more for taste. I like to add the bag to my warm cup before I pour the hot water over it. Let it steep for about a minute... too long can make the tea taste bitter.

Set out a sampling of assorted tea cakes and your about ready for your friend to drop in. I did say about, because I don't want you to forget to light your new tea candles. A friend of mine, Sally, owns the neatest candle company (Kendall Candle) in the north woods of Minnesota. She designed a line of quality 4.5" tea candles with tea leaves in the bottom of the candles. Each candle has a burn time of about 80 hours. My two favorite scents are blackberry sage n' green tea; which you can buy right here on cabbage roses blog.
What a cozy setting, the gentle flicker of a candle flame sending out a unique
fragrance, a good cup of tea n' a friend to share the moment with.

Enjoy and may blessings be sent your way,

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