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Good Morning…

Thanks for stopping by. I want to share with you some of the basic techniques I use in painting on tile. I think probably starting out with a plain white ceramic tile would be the best. But, please, don’t limit yourself… as you become comfortable with this let your creative side come through and start exploring new ways. Try experimenting with oil pastels… be sure to seal it with a varnish or a sealer that is used for oils.

  • How to paint on tile… what you’ll need.
  • Tile
  • *White glue… This process can be eliminated; it just depends on how you want the painting to appear.
  • Paint brushes of different sizes… I like to use two or three sizes.
  • Acrylic paint, which can be used on just about anything, or use the paint that is designed for tile [oven baked-follow the directions on the bottle] and I especially like the paint designed for stone tile. [Image above 4x4 marble tile]

Select a tile to paint. Single colored, matte finish ceramic tiles are best for beginners. You can also choose between porcelain and stone tile.

  1. Wash the tile thoroughly. If there are stains or marks, scrub them off using some soap and an old toothbrush.
  2. Draw your design onto the tile; I use a soft lead pencil (colored chalk for stone). Another way is using a stencil to create a design or pattern. Let your imagination run wild.
  3. *Trace over your pencil lines with white glue.
  4. Let the layer dry completely (15-20 minutes) and draw over the lines again with the glue.
  5. Repeat this several times so you have 4 or 5 layers of glue.
  6. Let the whole thing dry for about 24 hours.
  7. Paint your tile using acrylic colors. You can even paint over the background where you have not applied the glue.
  8. Let the tile dry completely.
Spray over painted surfaces with an acrylic fixative…you can choose a clear gloss or a satin finish. This will preserve your art work that you can then install … in a kitchen back splash, bathroom tub, wall areas…even on the floor when using stone tile. Have fun n' create...

Blessings sent to you, Elizabeth