Beyond A Humble Beginning...

One of my love experiences is finding toss-away pieces of furniture n' turning it into objects of art, such as I did with this sturdy, solid wood, kitchen cart. I found it at my local thrift store, looking so unadorned... but with great potential, that I bought it and
with the help of my son, Joshua, carted it home.
Sometimes I know what to do with a
piece when I find it. But most of the time I like to live with it for awhile until the right image comes to my mind...after pondering 'what to do'...I saw grape vines encircling the top and cascading down the sides. Perfect!
I decided on using
one of my favorite colors for the cart itself, the color of clotted cream; but first, I had to visit my paint store and have them mix-up this special color. My next step was sanding the wood until it felt smooth. I followed this step with a double coat of clotted cream over the entire surface of my cart. O' how nice it looked. When the paint dried I sketched in the design with a soft pencil, pulled out my acrylic paints n' chose the palette of colors to use for the grapes n' vine. Across the top I hand painted in black, a Shakespearean quote in French... this has become one of my favorite pieces.

I always thought it would be good to grow my own grapes; to have the sweet grapes for eating, to make jam... even my own wine. And then, what wonderful wreaths the vine would make.

"*The Complete Grape Growers Guide" ... is a good resource for growing your own grapes and reaping the fruit from your vineyard. *You can find it where it says 'click here'.

May your life be full of blessings and they become you,