From the Work of My Hands...

My Amish doll n' grandmother's patchwork quilt, an acrylic painting, I did a few years ago. It is one of a series of still life's where my focus was on dolls; here is another one called "Strawberries n' Red Shoes". Both painted on canvas. I really like being creative but I have a problem, I'm eclectic and all these ideas keep coming to me. I'm interested in exploring so many different styles n' techniques. Right now ( in my time to stress down ) I'm working with a mixed media, primarily, oil pastels in floral still life with a doll here n' there. I love flowers, but have never tried to do any real floral painting until this summer.

So much I want to do in life n' so little time in which to do it. There is that old adage that I try to remember... 'This is the first day of the rest of my life'... and live it I must!

Do have a beautiful day and may blessings flow over you n' become you,


If anyone is interested in quilting, please look into 'Patchwork Quilts...Easy To Make!' Just click on it... It's the 'easy as method' ... an shows examples of a some quilts easy to make.