The Author of My Life...

I'm about to tell you what the title of this blog means to me. The "Cabbage Roses", symbolizes the beauty of my present moment, my children and what I try to keep my thoughts on; the "& More" is all that my life touches... which encompasses the Author of my life.
As a novice, I'm always amazed at the art work that I'm able to do here ...all with the help of my computer. I started doing this just a few years ago and really enjoying this aspect of my life. I believe one is never to old to learn new ways. As an artist, I have worked in many different medias; right now the subject matter... is floral still life using oil pastels... & more.

Madonna of the Evening Flower... a religious poem by Amy Lowell

Then I see you,

Standing under a spire of pale blue larkspur,
With a basket of roses on your arm.
You tell me that the peonies need spraying,

That the columbines
have overrun all bounds,
You tell me these things.
But I look at you, heart of silver,
White heart-flame of polished silver,
Burning beneath the blue steeples of the larkspur,
And I long to kneel instantly at your feet...

May your day be full of laughter and joy
and all your dreams come true,