Keeper of the Bees

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. "Aristotle

I have a special friend, who along with her daughter, owns the local coffee n' florist shop..."Petals & Beans". One of Carey's many hats is that of a beekeeper.

What is this long tradition of gathering honey... from John the Baptist who lived on honey n' locust today, where we are finding out the health benefits for seasonal allergies.

O' for a cup of tea and a spoonful of honey... and a thanksgiving for 'The Beekeeper'.

This story is based on an e-mail The Beekeeper's received a few weeks ago:

Jill lived in a small city and kept bees in the backyard. It was legal to keep bees in the city, but she kept them hidden and didn't tell anyone about the bees because a neighbor had once found out and complained constantly about every flying insect that passed nearby and said he would sue Jill if she didn't get rid of her hives.
But the mean neighbor moved away, and now Jill had a new neighbor she decided to never tell him about her hives.

For two years, Jill kept the secret of the hives. When the neighbor noticed bees flying around, Jill pretended they were flies. When the neighbor talked about ecology and environment and how important birds and flowers and bees are, Jill bit her tongue and never mentioned her bees, which she continued to keep hidden in the bushes behind her house. Mostly Jill just avoided visiting with the new neighbor.

Finally, the neighbor was moving away. He said to Jill that he was sorry that they

never became goo friends, and he was wondering if it was because Jill was afraid of bees that he had been hiding in his back yard for the past two years.

And the moral of this story is…

Join me in a cup of your favorite tea n' honey and think about
being a bee keeper and share with your neighbor... Look on the right side of this blog for good information in becoming a beekeeper. "How to Start Beekeeping"


May your day be full of peace n' prayer for others,