Green Seeds of Change

I am one of the many throngs of people who have concerns about the environment and becoming energy efficient. But I am totally against nuclear rectors... to me, it's like playing Russian Roulette with our lives. We human beings are so imperfect and because of this there are no guarantees that something couldn't or wouldn't happen. It makes me wonder where the mind of those in government are...who want to promote such energy; it's certainly not out of concern for their neighbors or anyone else.

I like this idea of William Boyle, who posted it on line last March...

"My green idea is in response to the Ontario government feeling the need to spend up to 40 Billion dollars on new nuclear rectors. If they took that 40 Billion dollars and put it toward outfitting homes with geothermal heat pumps, about $10,000 and 2 Kilowatts of solar panels at 20,000 dollars we could retrofit 1,333,333 homes to be essentially off the grid and not consuming dwindling supplies of oil & natural gas. The government does not need to fully fund these retrofits. I have just over 2,000 Sq ft. and spend between $450-$600 a month on utilities. If the government only offered a zero percent loan over 20 years it would only cost the Government about $1,000 a year in interest and clients about $200 month for the system and enable 40 million homes to be retrofitted making Ontario the greenest province and the cheapest place to live. We would be able to mothball all coal operated facilities and gradually retire the nuclear facilities as they age out."
We don't have to live in Canada to reap from this idea... we just have to have people who use their heart as well as their head when searching for energy sources. Energy is all around us, for ourselves and for our children, we need to be creative in harnessing a safe and productive way to use it. Think outside of the box!
 This is just one of the issues of concern we need to remember as we enter that polling booth in November.